Friday, October 10, 2008



I just love this prim boot! It was so much fun to make and turned out so great! The 30 inch boot is made of muslin and painted black, sanded and primmed. It has a grungy cheesecloth band sewn on the top and dirty burlap bands down the front with two rusty bells handsewn on each band.

There is a long piece of rusty wire wrapped around the toe with rusty bells and a rusty safety pin on the front. There are two holes torn in the front of the stocking and stuffed with dried moss for that spooky old look.

The boot is heavily primmed and loaded with lots of cinnamon.
In the top of the boot is a pesky old black muslin crow with a needle sculpted beak that is painted gold and two cute little prim pumpkins that were made of muslin, painted orange, sanded and primmed.
I added stems made from tiny sticks from my yard, dried moss and curled wire tendrils. I also added lots of dried sweet annie and dried moss to the top of the stocking as well.
This great prim is from a pattern by The Old Glory Company.
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