Thursday, April 10, 2008


2 Primitive Crow Door Dolls*Beehive w/Bees*Heart*

Frist doll is Primitive Beehive and bees with crow. This door doll is about 10 inches tall.

It is made from coffee stained muslin, I color washed it "paint"
with coffee/vanila mixture, then put it in the oven, rubbed extra cinnamon!! Beehive has hand sculpted lines( can't really
see in the picture but I did!) , the hole is made of osnaburg fabric, I painted with black paint, then hand stitches in place.
Crow's beak is hand sculpted, his eye is french knot with embroidery floss.

I made 2 bees. I used rusty wire, stitched one end
to the back of the bee and stitched another end to the back of the beehive so he looks like flying.

Another bee is hand stitched in the front of the beehive. I made antennas and stingers with rusty wire. They have coffee stained cheese cloth wings.

This is the second doll. I made heart from coffee stained muslin, added red
cotton fabric to it. I "painted" a lot of coffee mixture, then baked it, off course, I rubbed extra ground cinnamon!

Crow's beak is hand sculpted, french knot for the eye. They will be a nice primitive decoration in your home! The are coming
from smoke free/ pet free home! They are designed by Tennesee Ridge Primitives and created by me!
More items came be found at:*n*things

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