Thursday, March 6, 2008


Primitive Raggedy Bee Door Doll

It's almost Spring! I just finished making this Bee Door Doll. I made her using a pattern by Patti's Ratties. I made some changes to make her OOAK. My Bee Doll is made from two fabrics stitched together.

Her face is completley hand stitiched, I added wire antennae and little floss hair to her head.

I made the wings from colorwashed cheese cloth. I wired them to hold their shape. Miss Bee holds a fabric flower. She has a bow and tag tied around her neck. I added
a wire hanger to her back. She can be displayed all through Summer, til its time to get the Pumplins out. This Bee is 12'tall. Thanks so much for Stopping buy.
More items came be found at:*cooped*up

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Commonly Cheap said...

This is so sweet. Stumbled in via blogger and just saying hello. Keep up the great work!

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