Thursday, October 16, 2008


Primitive Snowman doll, Christmas, winter,chenille

He is a jolly ol' soul!
How adorable is this primitive soul? His name is Henery and he is ready to adorn your house for the holidays. Do you know what the best part of a snowman is? The fact that you can leave him out ALL winter long and not just at Christmas time!

Henery's stats are as follows..
He is 17 inches long from tip of hat to tip of toe (this was measured while he was laying down)
He is made out of muslin and is unique with a round head.
He has 3-D eyelids and handpainted eyes. His nose is sculpty clay.

His clothes are stylish..The pants are homespun cotton plaid as well as the matching scarf. His sweater is chenille. He has painted on mittens and boots..and his boots have rusted bells attached.
His hat is made of muslin as well, that has been painted.
Henery has been weighted in his bum so he sits well and would look great anywhere!
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