Monday, October 13, 2008


PriMitiVe RaGgedy GinGerBreAd AnGeL OrNie DoLL

Meet “Ginger” a Gingerbread Ornie Doll. Yes she is just ADORABLE!!!! This is my ORIGINAL pattern by me: Limited Lane Collectibles,
signed and dated.
She sits 8" tall to the top of her halo and is 8" wide. She is all stitched with NO glue used. Her body is made from
a prim stained muslin, her dress and bloomers are out of unbleached muslin. She has a brown print heart hand stitched
to the front of her dress and her Ginger Wings are out of the same brown fabric. Her legs, hands, face and wings have
her signature ginger markings hand painted. She has tiny black bead eyes with hand stitched eyelashes. Her halo is
out of wire. She has a primed metal rimmed hang tag that reads: "GINGER". If you would like to customize her hang
tag just let me know at end of auction and I customize for no extra charge.
She measures 8" tall by 8" wide, and would look just adorable sitting on your Shelf, next to your Crocks or baskets,
or just about anywhere in your Primitive Raggedy Collection now wouldn't she.
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