Saturday, July 26, 2008



Here is the cutest Lil Witchie Annie all set for Halloween! She is completely handmade by me! Annie is approximately 16 Inches tall without her hat, and I've made her of 100% cotton that is made in the USA.

I've weighted Annie so she sits nicely. I've hand painted her face and yes, that is a little Witchie Tooth!; hand sewn her pumpkin colored wool spun hair; and made her Witchie dress of Purple glittery cotton with crescent moons and stars tossed on it. Her 'loons are bright orange cotton. I've hand painted her boots and leg stripes. I've made Lil Witchie Annie a Witches hat out of black wool felt and added a rusty bell fastened with a rusty safety pin to the tip of her hat.

I've added some orange chiffon for her hatband. She wears a primitive tag from bearyprimitives that reads, "Spellbound". She would be a welcome addition for the Prim Doll collector, or as your latest Halloween Decoration.
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