Thursday, March 20, 2008

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Primitive Mama Frog & Lil' Dolly *Spring Flag

Hi there! Well, I'm still here a thinkin' spring! It's sure got me in the mood to make critters!
Mama frog is 22 inches and made from painted, sanded and stained muslin. She has a needle sculpted mouth and "lips" ( do frogs really have lips?? :) Tee Hee )

Her eyes are drown on and detailed with artist pencil and separate lids are tacked on over each eye. Her eyes and around her mouth were shaded as well to add dimension
and I put a touch of blush on her cheeks. The webbing on her feet and hands are needle sculpted.

She wears a retro style blue cotton print dress with daisies
all over it and a light mustard floral print for the puff sleeves and hem. Her pantaloons are coordinating cream and blue homespun and prim stitched it to a twig for her flag.

I did not stitch the flag to her..... She clutches her baby doll in her other hand. Her dolly is 9 inches and made from my own design with the same features as her mom,
detailed eyes and blushed cheeks, sculpted webbing~right down to the little needle sculpted mouth, though I have to tell ya her little eyelids are drawn on

She wears a matching dress and little pantaloons. She is permanently stitched to her mamas hand so she won't get lost.......
She (mama frog) has a loop in her back for hanging, and if you choose her sitting instead, she has a boxed bottom which is weighted so she will sit nicely.

This set will come to you signed and dated on Mama's tummy.....
I uese a wonderful pattern from. Sweetmeadowsfarm for the Momma frog and her baby was my own creation.
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