Monday, March 17, 2008


County Prim Raggedy Ann*sweet annie*

Just finished and up for bid is a country prim Annie in fabric that was just too good to pass up!! She is approx 17" tall, made from muslin that I have stained with a
mixture of leftover coffee, instant tea and vanilla. She is dressed in a mock 2 piece. The bodice is a yellow and white check seersucker type fabric. There
are 2 pinkbuttons tied down the bodice front and a pink polka dot annie prim tag at her neck. The dress skirt is blue with a variety of colored cupcakes,
lollipops and ice cream cones. Too cute! There is a round metal edged grungy prim tag with a pastel blue satin bow pinned at her waist that reads,SWEET ANNIE!

Beneath her dress she wears blotchy stained bloomers. Her legs have been drybrushed with burgundy stripes. Her face is completely hand drawn and painted.
Her hair is a cinnamon color wool yarn with a matching fabric bow attatched off center on top of her hair. She soes NOT have a full head of hair, but I have signed and dated
her back there. And please dolls are for home decorating only and not intended for the use as a toy...they have small accent pieces which may pose
a choking hazaard to small children.
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