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~ * Americana Lady Liberty Doll * ~
Just in time for the fourth of July! This little make-do stands 15 1/2 inches tall to the top of her crown. She is sewn by me from stained muslin. Her eyes are circles of stained batting with old antique leather shoe buttons for the centers. Her nose is sculpted and lips are stitched on. I have shaded and blushed her face for depth and dimension

Her crown is painted and sanded, stained and stiffened muslin. I have added red german glass glitter around the top. Her drop-waist dress is stained osnaburg with raw hems and painted and sanded red ric-rac stitched to the skirt bottom.
She wears a coordinating criss-crossed grosgrain ribbon which has been stitched in place on her back. The badge on the front is aged red wool with an osnaburg center I stamped USA. Both have been stitched in place.

Her torch is made from painted, sanded and stained muslin attatched to an antique textile mill bobbin with a sculpted "flame". It measures 15 inches end to end. I have added 6 rusty jingle bells and some red tinsel trim for some sparkle. Her hand is tacked in place at her belly and the torch is not attatched to her in any way, but only tucked in the crook of her arm. Both her arms have jointed elbows so they are posable, but please note that they are not wired.

Here is a pic of her without her crown- which is removable and only pinned in place . Her hair is soft auburn mohair which has been securely needlefelted in place with a part in the center and little pigtail tufts.

This is the view from the back. She is secured to a distressed wood candlestick base so she stands nicely on her own.

Her stained hangtag is pinned in place and has a vintage image of a patriotic gal with her American flag and the words "Three cheers for the Red, White and Blue".

This sweet wide-eyed cutie was made by me using two wonderful patterns from Crabby Gabby (main doll) and Stitchin' Sew Prim (torch and crown design).

All my handmades come to you signed and dated by me....

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**All my dollies are "pretties" for adult decoration only and not intended to be used for a childrens toy......**

You can find this item and more here.....*spangled*pretties_W0QQ_nkwZQQ_armrsZ1QQ_fromZ

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