Tuesday, June 30, 2009


PriMative FolK ArT HaLLoween witch Hat

wouldn't you LOve to add this witch's house hat to your halloween collection? tuck it into a corner of your house and be prepared for conversation......special thanks to the old glory company...i made this wonderful witch's hat and was inspired by it's feel...it is made of muslin, which i painted black..and is mounted on black posterboard, so it is quite sturdy and can be picked up easily.....there is an open door and window....

it has been dusted with lovely smelling cinnamon and spices......you will also get a little grungy battery operated tea light,

which you can put inside of the hat to make a luminary, or leave it outside as shown!! enjoy!! should you have a question, please email me....mary mattis@worldnet.att.net polkadothill is my ebay and blog name......i love to create folkart, with my own creations, and the many wonderful patterns of artists that sell on ebay!

You can find this item and more here..........


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