Friday, March 27, 2009

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Primitive Raggedy Ann Attitude Doll "Summer"

From "Prim Country Farms" a primitive raggedy ann attitude doll with hands on the hips
and a look on her face that says she has an attitude. Summer is wearing a nice spring
outfit with a green print top and matching shorts. She has a green Prim detachable
button on her top and a white bow above it. Her legs are painted in green and creme
stripes with green hand painted shoes. Her hair is red homespun with specks of other colors throught.

With pony tails and matching bows her eyes are hand painted with nose, mouth,
eye lashes, and eyebrows embroidered on. Made from tea stained muslin weighted to
assist in sitting she is sanded and sealed. Summer with her attitude and all is made for decoration
only and would add to any collection or make a great gift.

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