Saturday, January 10, 2009

FolKart RaBBit

here is my latest little bunny for the new year! welcome to a venna's rabbit! special thanks! this sweet bunny stands two feet tall, taller, if you extend out her ears... she was made of felted fur, was trimmed and sculpted in the face...and she has a needle stitched nose and glass eyes..

her little pin is a wool roving miniature rabbit that i made....her bodice is made with a vintage dollie top that ties in the back...i finished off the hem around the skirt and made bloomers to complete her look...her legs are made of a polkadot pattern and painted mary janes give her a special sweetness.....

the doll stand is included and shipping is free!!! thanks sooo much ...mary mattis polkadothill
You can find this item here and more......

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