Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Primitive Folk Art Americana Big Doll Flag

This gal is my most recent creation... I would like to thank Heidi at Crabby Gabby for the wonderful pattern!
She is very large display size doll-she stands just about 31 inches tall. ( 30 3/4 to be exact...)

She is a sturdy gal and is freestanding...she is mounted onto an old antique beehive bobbin ( which appears to
have seen its years of use.. LOL)

that is permanently secured with screws (from the bottom) to a destressed wood
star base. She wears a stained cotton "bloomer" under her skirt which reads the pledge of allegiance...
She is sewm from stained muslin and has a full round-like-a-ball head. Her facial features are all done by hand.

Her nose and brows are needle sculpted to add a bit of dimension and her mouth is stitched with heavy red cotton thread...
Her green eyes are drawn and detailed with artists pencils....
I've also added some shading around her nose and brows and blushed her cheeks for a bit of color....
All of her clothing is made from painted, sanded and aged plain cotton ticking. Her blouse is color washed white
with a gathered bodice and sleeves. Her corset is navy colorwashed with set eyelets and laced up the front with aged
cording. The shoulder straps are red colorwashed ticking.....
Her skirt is painted with alternating red, white and blue stripes. It is a bit stiff from the paint, but I did sand the heck out
of it to help soften it some....
She has a full head of sheeps wool for her hair, dark brown with chocolate tips, which is needlefelted in place...
her bonnet is sewn into place on top.
She has individually stitched fingers on both hands. Her right hand is stiffened so she appears to grasp the flagpole.

As you can see in the in the close-ups, she has some stain birthmarks there....the starch didn't agree with the stain on
that hand apparently. Its mostly visible from the back....When she's holding the pole, you don't see it as much....
Now for Olde Glory...the wood flagpole is 36 inches long by itself. The fabric piece measures 10 1/2 inches x 16 inches.
It is from painted and sanded plain ticking in a Betsy Ross style.

It has two small pockets sewn into the top and bottom
which has wire inside. The wire can be bent into any shape to make the flag appear to be waving, of if you prefer, it can lay
flat. The wire is wrapped through and around the pole to secure it and I did some prim stitchin' down the side to give
it a nice finsh... I have placed a reserve to protect all my time and work invested into her...if she does not sell, she will have
a nice home with me. :o)
She will come to you signed and dated by me......
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