Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Primitive Pumpkin Doll LIL PUNKIN MAN

Primitive Lil punkin man! hes 13" tall. what a cutie patootie this guy is. hes made of muslin that was painted punkin color. and then prim stained and sanded down. embroidery for his facial features, and a pine twig for his stem. he has dried moss round it too.
Hes very simple. wears brown pants with suspenders and buttons. his pants have been
painted and sanded down. He is perfect standing anywhere you put him. Smiles guaranteed.
Comes wrapped well, and in a new ship box, with ship confirmation. via USPS Priority
mail. I ship DAILY and on SATURDAYs. Buy with confidence. i love doing this!
Vanilla,cinnamon scented.
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