Monday, June 2, 2008


Primitive Annie Doll folk art ADORABLE

Primitive and very sweet 19" high Annie dolly. shes a pattern i made from RaggBag
Baby's. Annie is muslin that was prim stained to look nice and aged. her hair is
Annie red yarn that has been put in pigtails with little rag ties. Her face is very
cute, with little black button eyes, painted nose and embroidered mouth and eyebrows.
Her head is separately stitched on. Shes wearing a darling yellow printed floral
dress with yellow trim. Her loons are stained muslin. And she has painted annie
stripes in barn red on her legs. Shes very well made, and will be a beautiful
addition to a dolly collection. Shes filled with new poly fil, and is vanilla/cinnamon scented.
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