Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Primitive Folk Art Ornies BEAUTIFUL Sun STARS

Beautiful and very prim set of 3 ornies/tucks. I made these to portray very vital
and beautiful elements. A sun, 4"x6". Separate face stitched on, with hand painted

Prim dull yellow spikes surround this darling. Next is a 7"x7" star, also
primmed and with a hand painted face. Navy blue little doo dads in each star corner.

Finally, a navy blue prim painted 7"x7" star with a separate muslin heart stitched

The word "Peace" embroidred in black floss. All are made of muslin. They are
very different, and to me, mean the light of love, and the peace of night. hope you
do like them as well! All filled with new poly fil and signed by me as well. Sprinkled with German glass glitter for a magical effect.
Vanilla/cinnamon scented.
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