Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Primitive Raggedy Ann doll w/kitty

Country Prim Spring Annie w/kitty
Spring Annie w/kittie is approx. 18" tall, made from muslin that I have stained with a blend of left over coffee, instant tea, vanilla, and a splash of kaluah. She is dressed in a spring patchwork of color. The dress bodice is white with pink, purple, teal and yellow flowers.

There are 2 yellow buttons tied to bodice front and a piink polkadot Annie prim tag tied around her neck. The dress skirt is multi-colored in tones of pink, purple, yellow, teal and green and the print features butterflys, bees, dragonflys, and purple lady bugs. Pinned at her waist is a round, metal edged, grubby prim tag with a stamped kitty head and the word "MEOW". She wears blotchy stained bloomers beneath which I have primitive stitched at both leg openings. She wears stained socks and denim slingbacks with pink and blue flowers embroidered on the toe area. Her face is handstitched with black button eyes on pools of white acrylic...her nose is burgundy felt that I have primitively stitched to her face. Her hair is a prim red wool yarn that I have seperated for a curly effect and tied up into 2 fashionable pony tails with yellow and white check fabric bows. (She does NOT have a full head of hair for thisreason...ponies!)
Kittie is also made from muslin which I painted black then sanded heavily. She wears a matching dress over blotchy stained bloomers. She has a stitched face with white button eyes. Pinned at her waist is a silver charm with the word "PEACE".

5 Prim & Grungy Bunny Rabbit Ornie/Bowl Fillers

Welcome to my auction!
Up for auction I have 5 prim and grungy bunny rabbit ornie/bowl fillers.

My cute bunnies are made out of muslin that I have stained and baked for that nice prim look that we all love. They have button eyes, blush cheeks, pinch stitched nose/mouth and a piece of cord with a rusty bell around their neck.

They are approx. 7 x 2 inches and have a fabric star with button hand sewn on their belly.
These prim bunnies would look great in your prim home.

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