Thursday, March 27, 2008

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PriMitiVe RaGgedy SumMer Time Butterfly Ornie Doll

Well I have to admit I have that Spring Time -- Summer Time feeling and I think this little Butterfly Raggedy Ornie Doll is just irresistible in her aqua green blue body with a peachy beige face and Butterfly wings... all Stitched together....No glue!.
The Face is completely hand stitched, with a little pink nose and pink cheeks, tiny bead eyes and a touch of
that whimsical hair. Did you notice her little antennas? Tiny little Jingle Bells are attached to thin wire for
that just right Antenna look!
Her wings are out of a Prim Spring Beige color with little circles and dots over it, and a hand stitched mint green
patch and a prim pink heart. A Prim Pink bow is tied around her neck.
Her Prim Tag reads: "FLUTTER", now you have to admit she is pretty darned cute. If you would like her prim tag
customized please let me know at end of auction and I will be glad to customize for no extra charge. She is signed and
dated by me.
She measures 5 1/2" tall by 8" wide, and would look just adorable sitting on your Shelf, next to your Crocks or baskets,
or just about anywhere in your Primitive Raggedy Collection now wouldn't she.
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